Rosso dei Poggi IGT

Currrently, Rosso dei Poggi is the only wine produced on the farm which uses international vine plants.
In fact, this wine is produced using 70% of Sangiovese grape variety, 15% of Merlot and 15% of Cabernet.
As soon as the malolactic fermentation has ended after the wine harvest, it is then left in stainless steel tanks until bottled.
Rosso dei Poggi is a well-structured and concentrated wine with a fruity aroma, fresh and dry and suitable for every occasion;
it is also one that can be served with meals every day

Organoleptic characteristics:
Colour: Ruby red.
Aroma: Aromatic with various scents: violet flowers, mulberry fruit, spicy green pepper.
Taste: Well structured, savory and harmonic.

Rosso dei poggi igt


ROSSO DEI POGGI: Agricultural Company La Cignozza

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