Peregrinus IGT

This wine derives from a careful selection of Sangiovese grape. During the wine harvest, the area of vine plants with the best grape is identified; this area is then looked at in order to remove bunches of grapes that have some kind of imperfection/blemish. The remaining grapes are left in rows for another 10-15 days, depending on the weather conditions. After the destemming, the picked grapes are softly pressed and left to ferment in small vats. In the following days, the wine undergoes several pump-overs and delestages. The fermentation lasts on average between 12-15 days but the grape is left to marinate for a further 10 days. After the and the malolactic fermentation, the wine is placed into 225litre French oak drums for approximately18 months. As soon as the wine is ready it is lightly filtered and bottled. The refinement in bottles lasts for at least 6 months

Organoleptic characteristics:
Colour: Intense ruby red and excellent concentration and real depth.
Aroma: Complex and intense with toasty hints and prunes.
Taste: Full-bodied, well structured, fruity and supple.

Rosso dei poggi igt


WINE PEREGRINUS: Agricultural Company La Cignozza

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