The Production

At the moment the farm has a vineyard which covers 11 hectares, where mainly Sangiovese is cultivated but also Canaiolo and very low percentages of Mammolo, Merlot and Cabernet. Currently Merlot and Cabernet are exclusively used for the production of the Rosso dei Poggi wine, the youngest wine produced by the farm

Over the next years, the production is destined to increase thanks to the development of new markets and the continuous trade of those already established; for this reason, there are plans to plant new vines which will be exclusively local to the area. Currently, production is concentrated on four wines Rosso dei Poggi (IGT),Chianti (DOCG),Chianti Riserva (DOCG) and Peregrinus (IGT). Approximately 30,000 bottles are produced each year but labels such as Peregrinus and Chianti Riserva are only produced during the best vintages.

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WINE PRODUCTION CHIANTI TUSCANY: Agricultural Company La Cignozza

The Farm

The Territory

The Production

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